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How We Overcome Political Division In America | Adam Hinds


What will it take to get over our political divide and approach the challenges we face as a country together? Adam Hinds has worked in war zones, nonprofits, and now the Massachusetts Statehouse, and he may have an idea that could drive a new era of change.


How All Companies Can Do Well By Doing Good | Amanda Brinkman


What percentage of annual marketing expenses would it take to feed a million people? You'd be surprised. Amanda Brinkman thinks about these things and shares how one company has shifted the needle on how organizations do good, while doing good business.


Finding the Funny in Financial Literacy | Catie Hogan


How do you make learning about fiscal wellbeing fun? Catie Hogan shares how she has turned her love of humor and financial responsibility into an enormous opportunity for a new generation of financial literacy.


Beyond Boxes: Unpacking the Complexity of Gender | Dr. Clare Mehta


Gender identity is ever evolving, but how do we approach it in a way that includes everyone? Dr. Clare Mehta helps guide us in understanding that gender spectrums are only the beginning to awareness.


Fringe(d) Cities | Justin Brown

There are cities around the world that are being left behind and forgotten in the wake of tech booms, mega corporations, and populations shifts. In steps Justin Brown. Using a combination of social entrepreneurship and innovative design, he and his team have found a new way to help cities on the fringe of advancement become creative hubs of success.


My Brain Works Differently: Autism And Addiction | Dylan Dailor

Autism and addiction, two words rarely combined but a mixture that can lead to immense challenge. Dylan Dailor discusses the challenges he faces daily as someone living with Autism and, advocating for the neurodiverse.


River CPR : Collaboration Perspiration Restoration | Judy Grinnell

Did you know one person can move a river? Judy Grinnell shares how the dream of recapturing our historic waterways may only take the right people, the right inspiration, and the right amount of hard work.


The Secret To Turning Schools Around | Julia Bowen

How do you turn a school on the edge of utter disaster into a top performer in 24 months? Julia Bowen has the secret, it's both more simple than you might think and more challenging that you could expect.


The Science of Sleep (and the Art of Productivity) | Dr. Matthew Carter 

We know we NEED sleep, but do we fully understand how sleep can make or break our lives? Matt Carter reveals the truth behind how our horrible sleep habits may be keeping us from reaching full potential.


The Weight of Gold: An Olympians Path To Recovery | Samantha Livingstone

When you've already won a gold metal at the Olympics, what's next? Samantha Livingstone shares how even those at the pinnacle of success can hit a wall when the reality of life comes at you.


How to Magically Discover Possibilities Everywhere | David Feng

Magic is in every iota of existence, but how do you capture it for your own self improvement? David Feng may have the answer, and unlike his stage magic, it's something within your reach right now.

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