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Brian Handspicker
Co-Organizer 2019-

Brian is our resident night-owl. While others are snoozing he starts companies. By day (after 8am please!) he is a software product consultant specializing in security and privacy. By night he helps launch startup companies with investible propositions. These currently include ‘bicity (publicity without the ‘p u’), Enterprise IoT Apps (e-iota), CheckIn, and He is also on the board for a number of local non-profit companies, including TEDxNA, North Berkshire Habitat for Humanity, and Citizen Media.

Jenna St. Pierre
Co-Organizer 2020-

Jenna fills her time with tea, roller coasters, stationery, Clem (her cat), smashing the patriarchy,  making itineraries, camping, DIY projects, tiki drinks, gardening, and graphic design.  

Leah Thompson
Co-Organizer 2019-
Leah Thompson headshot.jpg

Leah is the Director of Enrollment and Development at BART Charter Public School in Adams. She is passionate about her community and loves to find different ways to get involved. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Northern Berkshire United Way and ProAdams, and she volunteers at numerous local institutions. Leah founded a student group, the BART Student Ambassadors, that helps young people get more involved in their communities. Leah grew up here in the Berkshires, in Savoy, and enjoys traveling and exploring other countries and cultures.

Amelia Wachur
Co-Organizer 2019-
Amelia Wachur headshot.jpg

Amelia is an accountant, museum lover and baker originally from Western New York; therefore she also has a great admiration for excellent food, well-plowed roads and underdogs.

Geeg Wiles
Co-Organizer 2018-

The Caretaker, Keeper of Chronicles and Voice of Captain Ahab, a 3ft tall 40lb bright yellow wooden statue of a fisherman/wannabe pirate captain.
Some of the other hats he wears include; scientist, white water raft guide, carpenter and motivational speaker.
Enjoys jumping into cold bodies of water, cutoff flannels, neon colored string rings, traveling, free t-shirts, watching movies, and not following as many rules as he can.
Also, for some odd reason, he loves the challenge of problems many find impossible to solve.

Former Organizers 

Christa Collier
Christia Collier headshot.jpg
Keifer Gammell
Ben Lamb 
(2018, 2019)
Emily Schiavoni
(2018, 2019)
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